Friday, February 27, 2009

Oh Poop!

Yes, this blog is going to be about poop, as the title implies. Why poop? Well, Wednesday I was "picking up" the dog poop in my backyard. I have one of those long, salad tong looking things thats helps to easily remove the offending droppings. Cleaning the yard this way is new to me, we just got the yard fenced in a month or so ago, so the dogs cant go into the woods anymore. They always took off down the yard straight into their, shall we say doggie comode somewhere in the trees. I didnt care they went there to do their business, just meant I didnt have to step in it, smell it or clean it. I prefer them safe, tucked away in my backyard, no other dogs around them, no crazy neighbors or Sherifs deputies. But there is, well, poop and it has to go. At least they stick to one corner of the yard and not a very used (HA) part of the yard, so clean up is contained. 

As I was slinging sh... well poop over the fence I started thinking about how funny that scene would look to walk up on and it also got me thinking about other poop situations in my house. Not, IN my house as in, randomly in the house. I have 4 cats, inside. I also have 4 kitty pans, inside. All 4 are used by said cats and all 4 have to be maintained by us, more me now that I am home, yea me. So once or twice a week I dump the offending kitty litter and refill the pans. This is, apparently, a huge entertainment to my cats, they all watch and it must also be a huge privilage to be the first to foul the new litter. Now you see why 4 pans, 4 cats, 16 happy paws playing in clean poop rocks (aka Kitty litter). 

However, there is something else strange about cat poop that I havent figured out. Why do dogs like to eat it, yea I said it, they EAT IT! I can actually purchase a product to make my cats poop taste bad..... (long pause,---------- let that sink in).................... To make it taste bad, shouldnt it, well, taste bad to begin with???

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