Friday, March 6, 2009

Gravity really sucks

When did this happen?

I AM driving my Mom AND grandmother around
I AM helping them out of the car and making sure they dont fall on the curb
I get sent to the store to get whatever... because they need a nap!?
Carring all the bags
Reaching for the stuff on the top shelf

When did I become the responsible able one? Not that either of them is enable, its just weird. I've been helping my Mom and Dad for a while, little things, cleaning out stuff, cleaning up, carring the heavy things, moving the heavy furniture, reading the small print... OMG they have gotten OLD! Thats what happened, damn!  

No No that cant be true... print is just smaller on stuff, things are heavier now, right? Yea, thats it, gravity just really sucks now, yea, yea thats it! That has to be it, because if they are getting old that means I am too and that makes me........ the responsible one... OH $#!&

Scary aint it!

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