Sunday, June 15, 2008

Surveys and Legacys

I was reading a survey on my MySpace page and it occurred to me how strange, maybe silly some of these things are. I like filling them out, its fun and a great time waister/filler. Whatever. Anyway, my favorite things, i have been thinking about my favorite things and decided to take one of these surveys and answer most of it and add a few of my own. Some of, ok, well all of my answers will contain some smart ass comment and or observation about me. So on to my favorite things....

Favorite animal(s)? does it really matter, do you think the animal kingdom keeps a tally on who's the most popular? Seals and Cats, i really like the whole feline family
Favorite TV show? who cares, they all suck. (psst: Survivor)
Favorite candy? i refuse to choose just one! easier to say I hate all gummy candy (ie: bears, worms, sour patch, yuck)
Favorite food? most of it, I really love pizza, and sushi and Los Mex....
Favorite eye color? ok, this one is just plain stupid!
Favorite song? Walking on Sunshine -Katrina and the Waves it always makes me smile
Favorite thing to do? another stupid question, do you really have ONE thing that is your fav??
Favorite color? Red, i also like blue, green, yellow and pink. So technically all of them. Does this help you get to know me?
Favorite nickname? some of my nicknames are private and I will not go into them, however, J calls me Bell and I love it, a few of our close friends also call me Bell, someone recently thought that Bell was part of my real name. My parents blessed me with a great name, my husband lovingly gave me one that comes from his heart.
Favorite country? what kind of question is this?
Favorite vacation spot? this one is easy, Beach Beach Beach
Favorite store? this is another really STUPID question again, does this help you know me?
Favorite kind of weather? cold, sunny. Im hot natured but I love sunshine, Im like Superman, the Sun powers me, recharges me.
Favorite thing about you? this one I can answer!!! I am unique, I refer to myself as odd, I was corrected recently by someone special to me, told I was Rare!

Least favorite animal(s)? ok, i have never officially met an animal I didnt like, a few I was frightened of, again is someone keeping a tally?
Least favorite clothing? heals, heals were created by a sadomasochistic idiot!
Least favorite music genre? polka, why you ask? its strange and annoying and scares me a little
Least favorite vacation spot? Oklahoma, went there once, that was enough for a lifetime.
Least favorite kind of weather? hot hot hot
Least favorite thing about you? that is deep, Im not saying. I'll let people talk anongst themselves on this one, go ahead!

Ok, that is more than enough. Not one of these questions really, well, questions the real person that is me. Like my favorite life changing moment, my favorite memory of my childhood, my worst memory of childhood, what I want to be when I grow up, what (as Roland says) legacy will I leave behind? Will it be one of these silly surveys that people read and judge? I dont know what my legacy will be, Im sure you'll read it on my blog one day, probably my obituary. "Loving, hardworking, dedicated woman dies today at the ripe old age of 113, she leaves behind... nothing, absolutely nothing, because she takes all she needs with her, nestled in her heart." Now thats a legacy!

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