Friday, June 27, 2008

strange conversation

Yesterday, the hubby and I were getting ready to go out. I was ironing his shirt, he was standing in the doorway watching me, I asked him,
"Will you get the clothes basket from the living room and bring it to the bed room?" off he goes.
On the way by the room I was in he says, "Why did you want this basket?"
me, "The shirt I want to wear is in it, and I need to put the clothes away."
hubby, "but I put my dirty clothes in this one."
me, "why!? those are clean!"
hubby, "The ones in this basket are dirty."
me, "is that the basket from the living room?"
hubby, "No, the kitchen."
me, "Did I ask for the one from the kitchen?"
hubby, "no"
me, "the one in the kitchen IS dirty, the one in the living room is clean."
hubby, "you wanted the one from the living room. I wondered why you wanted me to bring the dirty ones back to the bedroom."
me, "I didnt ask for the dirty ones, I wanted the clean ones FROM THE OTHER ROOM"

You see how this is going, right? Now both baskets are in the bedroom.

There really is a language barrier between men and women. I speak clearly and he hears 'get the clothes basket that makes absolutely no since whatsoever for it to come back tot he bedroom, in the wrong room with known dirty clothes in it.' oh well I would rather have strange conversations than none!

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