Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Some things that really bug me.

Jen made me start thinking about things I dont like. She had a top 10 list, i dont know if mine will fit in 10. Some of them arent things that are important in any way, they just bug me. So saying I hate them is a little to strong. So lets name this, things that really really bug me!

Snaps- I dont like it when someone, who may be on the phone, snaps their fingers at me to get my attention. I dont like it, dont do it.

Ice chewing- eeeyyukk, i do not want to hear anyone crunching on ice, like chewing on rocks

Gum smacking- its rude, dont do it (please dont confuse this with gum popping, totally different noise)

Slobber- when you kiss me, which most of you dont, do not leave slobber, spit, moisture whatever, behind. Yuck!

Fork Biting-aarrggg dont bite your utensils, metal on teeth eeewwww

Nail Biting - again, nasty, dont do it!

Seen it-you have not seen it, you may have observed something, but you have not "seen it"

My nose- dont touch it, dont ask why, just dont do it!

Plate stacking-largest to smallest, not the other way around

UUUUUHHHHH-rude, rude, rude

Teeth- i will never put candy in my cheek against me teeth, eeeeeyuck, dont tap them, snap them, chomp them makes me crazy

Jelly beans- one word, YUCK

Doorways - do not stand in the doorways, they are doorways, ways into places, get the hell out of the doorway. Do not stop and have conversations in the doorway of say, WalMart when there are people behind you trying to get in.

Fake Laughing- I love to laugh, it makes me happy, makes me smile and feel good. However, when some one fakes it, its not funny, its sad and slightly disturbing.

Sweet popcorn/cornbread- its wrong, dont do it

Well thats 15, thats enough and I feel better!

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