Sunday, February 10, 2008

Holy Crap! When did I turn into my Mom?

Today the Hubby and I were at a local restaurant, eating some very good fried pickles, when the bus boy came slouching by. My first impression and following comment was "Wow, what bad posture, he needs to stand up straight and stop dragging his feet!" Next came the realization that I could see 5 inches of his blue plaid boxers. His pants were a little too low. So the next comment was something like "No one needs to see his boxers... but at least they match his apron."

On the ride home a small, fast car with 2 young, very young girls inside, sped by. They looked about 12 years old, when did they let children drive? anyway, at the next light they both lit up a cigarette. You can guess my comment on that, "They are way to young to be smoking, I bet their mothers have no idea! And look, the driver isnt even paying attention to the road..."

I stopped talking, abruptly, I sat in shock for a few moments, pulled down the vanity mirror and took a quick look. Hubby asked, "whats wrong with you?" my response, after checking to make sure I still was me, "Holy Crap! When did I turn into my Mom?"

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Jenn said...

It happens to the best of us, I think. Just go with it.