Tuesday, February 5, 2008

political crap

OK, I never, ever talk about politics or political opinions. I listen, I dont interject. Not because I dont care, I just dont like to get caught up in the arguments and discussions. I do rely on Patrick for political information, I value his opinions and he really gets into all of the political crap. So he kind of sorts it out and shortens it for me. That being said....

This morning I was reading about each candidate, what they want to do, believe in, blah blah blah. One thing that caught my attention for all of them was their somewhat lackadaisical opinion of stem cell research and the war and extensive interest in same sex marriage. Who cares who marries who. People marry and divorce so often now I cant keep all the names straight. The "they" of the the world have made such a huge deal over same sex marriage it is overshadowing things that could potentially save people. Yes, this is my opinion, but if anyone can live with someone else, take care of them, love them, same sex or not, go for it! I dont care if people are living with and/or marring monkeys. If people can care for each other raise children in a safe loving environment do it. How much better off are kids in a hostile environment with two heterosexual parents constantly fighting and or abusing each other? But thats for another blog, another day.

ok, I'm now off my soap box now.

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