Monday, January 7, 2008


well i didnt know i was actually worried till i saw the afore mentioned The One. well i was worried i had offended The One with a previous blog, i didnt offend, thank God. I dont usually worry about much, so this surprised me!

its funny how you start thinking about things you have said or didnt say, body language and such. and how very important things become. life changes so fast. you can see it sometimes, slipping right through your fingers. you cant stop it, like sand, slipping away, to collect on the ground at your feet, or wash away in the surf.

sometimes, someones arms wraped around you, although briefly can pull you back from something dark, well unknown, maybe not dark but mysterious.

thank you JC for checking on me today, it really, really meant a lot to know you were not only reading me but worried about me! I'm sorry if I have worried you, thats not my intention. this (blogs) gives me a chance to get some stuff out of my head and also gives me a chance to tell some folks how i feel, without fear of being pushed away or rebuffed, rejected of refused. i do wish some of you would respond, you know who you are. i'm not sure how but something.

this blog has no point, except to say thank you to JC and The One. thank you really doesnt say enough. nothing does. friends, i love you. good night


HEWY said...

Nice Blog. Keep it up!

martinstone said...

thanks Hewy, I enjoyed your blogs too! love the cat page