Sunday, January 6, 2008

photographs and memories

yes, I know this is a Jim Croce song, thats the point. Memories are so strong and songs, out of no where, even musac (elevator music) will provoke a memory of where you were, who you were with, someone who dedicated a song to you or you them (I grew up in the 80's), a deep hurt, whatever, a song can bring soooo many things to mind. and people, how many songs make a long lost love or friend or enemy for that matter, pop into you head.

A few examples, every time I hear 'Aint No Sunshine' (The Neville brothers, Tom Jones, Al Jarreau.... whoever) sung by one many different artist, it reminds me of Jeremy, my dear husband. He sang that song in the shower the first 2 years were together, and still does when requested. A new artist, just heard her Friday Ingrid Michaelson's song 'The Way I Am' made me immediately think of him. 'Lips of an Angel' makes me think of The One mentioned in a previous blog. Diana Krall 'Little Girl Blue' makes me think of RR (yes, to protect the innocent, I am using initials...) every time I hear it. Richard Marx 'Right Here Waiting' always will remind me of Anthony, that one takes you back doesnt it! It was 1989-90, college, Sigma Phi party, wow! Who knew the feelings that could re-surface after so many years. The slow dances, the make up... wow ok, enough of that one. moving on. remeber 'Shock the Monkey' Peter Gabriel, HA HA HA havent thought of that one in a while, that one reminds me of High School Art class and Skeet, that was his name, well nick name. Mr. Mister - Lee thats you, Beatles-Mark you get them. Soft Cell 'Tainted Love' Kelly thats you! 'Kokomo' Shawn thats all you (Cocktail...) 'Mr. Midnight' Garth Brooks Justin, thats you!

I could go on and on, obviously. Well, I didnt realize till I started typing how many I had in my head. I mean when you are humming to the elevator music and realize they have put David Lee Roth, Hot for Teacher to musac, something is WRONG! wrong wrong wrong. DO you realize that todays children will never know anything but CDs and ipods, maybe not even CDs, they will think LP's are plate chargers and forget 8 tracks, I mean I came in at the end of 8 tracks, but I know what they are. I have a box full of 45's in the basement (Jen thats the small vinyl records.. ;) )

Seriously how can I preserve all the memories in my head, how can I put this stuff somewhere for someone, years for now to read and be board with? I mean you cant Will Memories to someone, that would be cool though. To leave all the stuff in you head to someone, not the gooey stuff, but the memories. The things that songs and smells and pictures make you recall. The long lost times, childhood, teen years, early life. I have so many and I dont want to loose them.

Therefore, you, those who read this, will be entertained, punished, enlightened by, board by, whichever, by my memories! I hope you enjoy some of them!

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Jenn said...

I love how songs can remind you of anything! I have so many memories attached to so many songs!! Always makes me a little weepy! Sniff...sniff!