Tuesday, January 8, 2008


i do not sleep much, i want to, just cant seem to get there and stay! I go to bed early, because I get up early. If I fall asleep right away, I'm awake by 12am and pissy! I might go back to sleep, usually not til 2 or 3am. But last night, i slept ALL NIGHT LONG. Granted I didnt get into bed till 11:45pm or so, but i went right to sleep and slept till 5:30, 6 hours in a row, in a row!

if you are a sleeper, theres no way you can appreciate this phenomenon, sleeping hours, in a row, at one time. I woke up happy, wide awake, alive and froggy. it was not a drug induced sleep either, that makes it even better. it was one of those moments when all things feel right in the world. You think thats a little melodramatic? try being awake for days at a time, existing on 2 or 3 hours of sleep, it sucks! it makes me mean(er), on edge, irrational (no, thats not just because I am a woman...), unfocused and did I say mean. the workplace usually frowns on nap time, I think it should be incorporated to our way of life. After all, we are taught at a very early age to take naps. Day care and kindergarten kids nap, we learned it then, why not now.... wouldnt we all feel a little nicer?

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Jenn said...

Naps would be great! If I ever run for anything and if I'm ever elected to anything that allows me to incorporate this into everyday life, I plan to do so!