Thursday, January 10, 2008

Spring Fever?

I dont know what has come over me the last 2 days. I have been in the best of moods. I've wondered if its "Pre" Spring Fever, I mean it was 73˚ today. Its January 10th and 73 damn degrees! I had on a spring shirt today because its to hot to wear long sleeves or sweaters. they really become sweat-ers right now!

Anyway, i so easy get off the subject, sorry! Pre Spring Fever.... the weather has been so warm, I just wonder am I already going into spring mode? My tulips are, they have already shot some of their green leaves out of the soil in my back flower bed. This worries me though, does this mean they will be confused come the real spring? will they go dormant again if/when it ever gets cold? will they stay active and get hurt by the cold? will they bloom early and freeze in March or bloom late and fry in the heat? Last year my tulips were gorgeous, they all bloomed so big and beautiful and tall! (as seen above) My Gerber Daisies, however, didn't do so well. they bloomed, all bright and yellow and red, but I think since we had such a weird cold spring, they were stunted. They were all only 2 or 3 inches tall. Full blooms, short stalks. It was so strange, like I had midget daisies. Its the same ones i have had for years, but short. My daffy dills were the same way. Who knows!

I know some of you, my friends, have been worried about me and my state of mind of late. Actually since, like, October. Well I hope you can tell, I am feeling much better, much happier, much less depressed. Yes I can now say, I was quite depressed. I probably should of sought an alternative medication, but i am much better now. I cant say what changed, what was altered in the Universe, but something has changed and I have changed.

So... I hope I havent gone into "pre" spring mode too early, i dont want to be stunted or hurt by the cold that may and will come. Thank you friends for standing by me, with me and sometimes holding me!

I hope to bloom beautifully in the spring, and stand tall!

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