Wednesday, January 9, 2008


I love flowers, growing them, smelling them, getting them. My sweet husband brings me flowers, for no reason - all the time. Not because he's in trouble, or we fought, not because its Valentines day or my birthday. Not because I have had a bad day (although he has for that reason), maybe because HE had a bad day. But for no reason at all!

He brought me flowers today, big beautiful daisy's. I love daisy's they are my very favorite flower. Yellow ones and white ones. They are happy flowers, they practically smile at you! I think I like them because they are related to dandelions, another happy flower, a weed yes but a happy weed!

My hubby doesn't need a scheduled calendar day, like Valentines Day, to be forcefully reminded to buy me flowers, I wouldn't want them if that was the case, yes I know I am lucky. He knows they make me smile. So he gets me smiling flowers!


HEWY said...

You just reminded me to buy my wife some flowers. Thanks!

Jenn said...

That's so sweet! Flowers for no particular reason...what a novel concept!