Saturday, January 12, 2008

today I was thinking about what I wanted to blog tonight. Yes, I think about stuff to write all day long, sometimes I actually write, like on paper with a pencil. I know, tis isnt done much anymore!

Anyway, I can tell you, right now, this is going to go all over the place, my thoughts are scattered tonight. Why? I am tired, physically tired. This is so much more satisfying than my usual mental tiredness of the day to day work crap. This tired is brought to us today by Mr. Mountain Bike. Today i went riding in the woods. and I made it out without loosing any blood! first time for that. another first, I made it through Marks Loop (one of my bike trails) without stopping at all, anywhere, no stops, no rests, nothing. Now this isn't a phenomenon by any means, people do it all the time. Even in my top shape I couldn't do it without stopping at least for a second. Today I did it, fast. I made another trail without stopping too! I dont stop as in quitting, just resting, catching my breath, most of the time I stop so i can stopping the bleeding, because I wrecked.

I almost wrecked, it wasn't totally my fault. the tree moved. yes it did! Like the trees in the Wizard of Oz, when Dorothy finds the Tin Man. It moved! It wasn't unprovoked, I did cut too close, my elbow rubbed some of the bark off and the tree poked me in the ear with a small limb. In my ear, that was a tad startling. made me laugh though. Jeremy was ahead of me so he didn't witness the moving tree. But it did move!

I also think the squirrels were watching us. They were probably thinking, 'Oh my God, would you look at that. Better get the AED (automatic electro difibulator) this one isnt going to make it, look at her!' Damn squirrels. at least all the snakes are asleep, dont have to worry about them. Not that they would directly hurt me, they would make me hurt myself running/ridding away! I totally respect all the critters that have been here long before me. Snakes, sharks, bears, stupid people. I will not try to kill ANYTHING. I have seen quite a few snakes in my own back yard, people always ask, when I speak of them 'did you kill it'. No I didnt kill it, I ran one way, it went the other. That would require me getting close to it, close enough to inflict harm and if I am close enough to it for that, it is close enough to me for the same!

i warned you this blog was going to be scrambled!

Back to the bike. I love to bike on the road, well on Ladiga trail (rails to trails, trail). I dont have a road bike, yet, I ride my Mountain bike there. i guess I love the road because I can go fast, at a steady pace and can zone out. Just let go, pedal and breath. I plug into my pod and go, before I know it I've gone 20 or so miles, i love it. I hope to be able to ride 100 miles in one day this year. I know this is a crazy goal, but its mine and i'm going to do it. Jeremy prefers the woods, I love riding in the woods too, i just love the road more. I can ride the road by myself, if Jeremy cant go. i dont ride in the woods alone though, lions and tigers and bears and oh yea, snakes! Jeremy rides in the woods alone but he's, well a guy and the snakes don't bother him.

Ive always loved my bicycle, it was the only way to get around as a kid. The only way mama could punish me as a child, was to take my bike away. Sending me to my room wasnt punishment, I liked going there to read or draw. I didnt have a TV or phone and didnt miss it. But my bike was my freedom, to ride as fast as I could, the wind in my face. Maybe thats why i love riding on the road so much now, the wind in my face takes me back to my childhood. When life was easy, no worries, no bills, Mama and Daddy loved you and tucked you in, home by dark time, supper was on the table, my bed was always warm and... my bike was always there.


Jenn said...

I have a bike. The tires are flat, I'm pretty sure. I admire you for this kind of stuff...I'm lazy. Thanks for reminding me.

martinstone said...

your not lazy, just not properly motivated!

Jenn said...

Yes...Yes...perhaps you're right. Motivation is my problem! Hmmm..I shall work on that.