Wednesday, January 23, 2008

People in our lives

Do you ever really think about the people that waltz thought your life? Can you remember your first best friend? Your first Love? Whats your first memory and whos in it?

For me its my great grandmother, Big Mama, the first thing I can really recall is sitting on the floor in her kitchen, playing with a fluted pie pan while she cooked. The oven was in a different place than it was in latter years and i remember it. Mama says i couldnt of been more than 2 1/2 or 3. She remembers this too.

I remember my first love and first kiss, same person. Sean Taylor, I see him some now and immediately flash back to our first meeting and him holding my hand. See I had a cast on my leg, I broke my ankle, and the youth man from church asked Sean to walk with me on this little hike, up a mountain path so I wouldnt get hurt. A few things are strange here, one-i already had a cast on my leg, two-I was hiking, in the woods with a cast on my leg and three-obviously i could take care of myself because I was hiking in the woods with a cast on my leg. I let him hold my hand though (smile) and loved every minute of it. I was 12, he was 14, puppy love! I think he remembers too, its the smile that gives him away!

So many people go thorough our lives, more than relatives, some friends some acquaintances, some I wish i could forget. Were our friendships stronger when we were younger because we had less baggage? or stronger now because we can appreciate people more?

People just pop into my head, Stacy Young, Chuck Warnakey, Kelly Sailors, Kim Bailey, Skeet, Marc, Daniel, Vickie Anderson, Kathy, Darren, Byron, Brian, Butch, James, Eddie Reaves... where are these people now? we were such good friends then, what happened? I think we just outgrow some people and have to more on, divorce them if you will. But what about others that mean so much to us at different times, for so many different reasons. Like Mrs. Dillon, my bible teacher from elementary school, I love to see her now, she looks exactly the same and I swear I remember every word and story she ever told. Mrs. White and Mrs. Byrd, two different teachers I just loved. Mrs. Davis, one I didnt really like at all, but I remember her! Mrs. Montgomery - she scared the hell out of me, made me actually fear Math. Mrs Daniels-she worked with my Mama and scared me a lot! Nanny Lemon, she wasnt really a relative, just an older lady that lived next door. She always had a candy dish with 3 Musketeers in it, in her China cabinet and she made me birthday cakes with blue roses, I liked blue flowers! Mr. Lemon smoked cherry vanilla pipes, always smelled so good. Every time I smell cherry vanilla it makes me smile.

High school, a traumatic time, with soooo many people and so many changes. Coach Bennet, home room teacher and softball coach. Now he's a commissioner or something in town, I still love to see hi, he always remembers me and my brother. Mrs Coleman, computer teacher, loved her, learned the 'if then' statement and abused it on any computer i could get to, to program in bad ways. Mrs. Breeden, art teacher extroidenair, helped me get a full scholarship to JSU! then on to college, wow, more people, so many teachers, room mates, Greeks, geeks and friends.

i would like to say I remember all the people that have come into my life, this isnt true, but all of you have helped me grow into the person, good or bad, that I am today. And there are a few very special friends that I am lucky enough to have in my life now, that I hope I get to say are mine for many, many years.

I wonder what old friends think of me? does anyone remember me? does anyone want to re-connect with me? Do the teachers i look up to know that i do? Mrs. Dillon knows I still have the little colored book she gave me in 1st grade, I really do! Im a pack rat, thats something for another blog though.

So I hope i am fondly remembered by old friends and thought of nicely by new ones! if no well, fine!

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