Sunday, January 20, 2008

Punch Drunk!

A while ago, i did a survey on my MySpace page, sent to me by a new friend on MySpace (Who stole plastic baby Jesus) i didn't make that up, thats his screen name! Anyway, he said he and some of his friends were enjoying my blogs and thought i should blog about one on my answerers in that survey. So here goes.

The survey asked various questions about life, growing up and things I did. One question was, 'Have you ever punched anyone?' my answer was yes. Yes I have punched someone, 3 or 4 somones actually. And i have wanted to punch people recently!

In 6th grade, there was a boy in my class, the typical bully. I think his name was Ronald. He picked on all the girls and some of the boys. The teacher knew it but couldn't make him stop. He made my friend Kelly cry and tried to pick on me that day, one time. I dont remember what he said or did, I remember what I did though. I dont believe I said anything at all, I just punched him, right in the face. Hurt my hand, so I knew I did it right. Knocked him right on his ass. The teacher saw the whole things, she smiled at me and turned around, like nothing happened! He didnt bother us anymore. Didn't see him in 7th grade, either!

The next time was in high school, A fight broke out by my locker, i was caught in the rush of people and couldn't get out. i got a lucky punch in on the girl closest to me, before my friend Skeet pulled me out (Thats his name, cant make up stuff like that!) he was always watching my back!

Once in college, someone tired something inappropriate, i hit him several times, he probably still walks funny ;).

Recently, i have wanted to beat a few of my co-workers. Most recently, i wanted to punch someone I called a friend right in the face. I wanted to hurt him, he hurt my feelings and that was my first reaction. I didnt do it, wish i had, would of made me feel better. I know it would of made me feel better, every time I've hit someone in the past I felt better! Right or wrong, thats my take on it, and I would do it again.

So, whens the next survey!!!!

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