Saturday, January 26, 2008

My hubby was out of town for 2 days this week. I missed him. He's home safe and sound now and I'm happy. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed my time alone, I don't mind being alone at all, I just missed knowing he was near. I think we are a strange and unique couple, we still like each other, still enjoy doing things together, still like to hold hands and kiss. While he was gone, i called to tell him I missed him and wanted a kiss, he sweetly said 'awww you want a kiss?' Someone overheard this conversation and made the statement 'Its only been 1 day'.... One Day! One day could be a lifetime, one day could be the start of something or the end. That one day comment rubbed me the wrong way. My friend Jen pointed out it was said out of jealousy, I think shes right!

This year is our 15th anniversary, about 17 years all together. Long time and we've had some ups and downs, some really good fights and really good make ups! More than once one or both of us has walked out on the other one, for a brief time but we always come back to each other. We have grown together know and respect each other. He lets me be me, never hampers me in any way. If I'm being loud and flirty at a party, he lets me play, he knows I'm going home with him! If I want to sit for hours playing with my computer, he's fine with that. Same with him, he loves, LOVES his PS3, he's been playing all day today. I know he loves video games, I don't get upset when he plays for long periods of time because its something he really enjoys and if I need him for something, he will pause the game, do it and go back to playing, and I'm ok with that.

Maybe thats why we still like each other, we understand the needs of the other person. I'm not his maid, hes not my handyman. I'm not his cook and I don't volunteer him for things. We take care of our house together, we do chores together, I have certain things I do well and he has things he does well. He's neurotic about the floors, so he does floors. I don't like whites turned pink or slightly blue, so I do laundry. It just works for us.

Maybe another reason we still like each other, we don't have kids. Now we would absolutely love to have a baby and would be delighted if we did - BUT we don't. Its just us oh, and our zoo, but thats another blog. So if he wants to play video games in his underwear, he does. If I want to run around naked I can, that usually leads to something else, which is great too cause theres no one here but us!


Barb said...

You are truly a great match! I am so happy for you and Jeremy! You both compliment each other and it shows!

Jenn said...

What have we told you about bragging!!!??? J/K! Glad he made it home safe and sound!