Thursday, July 21, 2011

Angry Hot Women

It is 3:00pm and I just got home. Normally this would be no big deal, today its a big deal because I left this house at 11:00am for an 11:15am appointment. See why its a big deal! I didn't go shopping or gallivanting around town after my appointment, I came straight home, 'casue I'm pissed! I'm not the only one, theres also several other pissed women and one really frightened man in Anniston today. (probably more than one but I happen to see this one get the crap scared out of him)

While sitting in the doctors office (trying to) patiently wait to be called back to urinate in the tiny cup and have my finger jabbed by Vlad the Impaler I fidgeted in my lumpy uncomfortable chair and watched the other women in the office do the same thing. This was an office FULL of women, better yet, this was a very WARM office full of women of all ages and stages of, lets say... development. There were young ones (to damn young to be sitting there with their pregnant bellies hanging out over their designer shoes, but that's another blog) old ones, pregnant ones, new mother's, old mother's, menopausal ones (they are easy to spot, they always have something to fan with, and a sweat rag in their purse), and me. Now remember I said this office was warm, verging on hot and from what I gathered watching all of these women become more heated the room was becoming lets say.. more unfriendly. We weren't being mean to each other but I hoped a male of the species wouldn't come by anytime soon.

Unfortunately, for one young man, he entered the lionesses den. Its now 12:45 (we are hungry), the room is hot and there are no less than 28 women - again in varying stages of development, and this male doesn't just enter the room, he skips in carrying a McDonalds bag and large drink. He may as well of been a naked rabbit dropped in a Piranha tank. He comes in the door laughing, slurping his drink, he freezes about 5 feet inside the door straw still in his mouth, he notices the scene he's entered. The room falls quiet, he looks around, he's afraid, quickly he does a perfect pirouette and runs out the door. Smart, very smart. Thirty seconds more and the pregnant lady at the front of the room was going to tackle him, I saw her wiggling her 9 month belly from the awful chair she was stuck in. Luck for the boy she was stuck, otherwise he would of gone down in meer seconds.

I don't know if he was delivering lunch for someone who worked there or was meeting one of the angry hot women in the waiting area. Either way someone didn't get their lunch today and I bet he never ever walks into a room without peeking around the corner first!

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