Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My strange life

Well, I haven't been here in a while... has anyone missed my blogs?? Didn't think so, and that's OK, I do this more for me than for anyone else. After all its just random strange thoughts and observations sent out into cyber space for some friends and strangers to read and wonder, 'what is wrong with this woman?' In the grand scheme of things, I think its pretty normal to have strange and unusual thought to share with others.

For example: right this minute, while I am typing this there are 2 large crows and a squirrel outside my window, frolicking in my front yard. Not together they aren't frolicking, actually the squirrel is watching the crows like he's a little frightened, they are rather large. The crows it seems, are having some sort of disagreement. They are strutting around, beaks open hopping and flapping their wings at each other. If one turns its back on the other It appears he takes offence and hops back up to the other one and thumps it on the back with its beak. Its very strange and now the squirrel has flattened himself into the grass, I guess hiding from the large crows.

So, as strange as this scene is, its part of my life and thats what this is all about, isnt it! Expect more strange things like this as I get back into blogging my strange life!

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