Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Adventures in Maryland, day 1

(Techically its day 2, but yesterday was a travel day, so it doesnt really count)

Things I have discovered in Maryland...

• We (Alabamians) do not hold sole ownership of rednecks, they are EVERYWHERE!!!

• Anywhere there is roadwork, which is apparently on every major highway in the United States, there are bad drivers. The ones here are particularly aggressive. Of course today I have been "that person" you know the one, not sure where I'm going, reading all the signs, actually driving the speed limit. The car everyone hates and wants to get around. At least the car I'm driving has a Virginia plate so they can blame bad (Innocent) redneck Alabama drivers!

• I love my car. Not the one here the one in Alabama. Today I am driving a 2009 Dodge Caliber. Its OK, it meets my needs of getting me from point A to point B. It is definitely no MINI Cooper and yes I know I am spoiled, that's not the point here.
It goes, just no where fast, which is probably a good thing since 'I ain't from around these parts'

• The crap we buy in the freezer section of our local (Alabama) grocery stores that's labeled Crab Cakes should be made illegal and tried for false advertising. The same crap that is sold at Red Lobster or any other fishy type restaurant should also be severely punished for what they have done to whatever fish they are trying to pass off as Crab. Ok, thats the end of my Crab rant.

I'm not sure what else I am going to get into today, but it is a beautiful day, cool too! I'm sure I can find some more people to tick off with my Southern driving skills. More latter!!


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