Thursday, July 22, 2010

Do birds sweat?

Today while lounging/boiling in the pool a lovely Cardinal fluttered/fell from a nearby tree onto my lawn. He looked rough, obviously in full molt. Either in full molt or he was trying to impersonate a buzzard. He had not one feather on his head, looked right funny sitting there panting with no feathers on his head or butt. His other feathers where cockeyed and dirty looking. This summer has been rough on this bird for sure.

Seeing this poor devil made me wonder, do birds sweat? They pant, or do something that looks like panting, beak partially open, if his tongue was long enough it would of been hanging from his poor dry beak. Bailey (the dog) spotted poor Mr. Cardinal and dashed from his shadowy hiding spot to bark at the hot bird. Mr. Cardinal tiredly fluttered to the top of the swing frame and stared at the dog. He (the bird) was probably thinking about joining me in the pool, especially if he had tried out his bird bath. The bird bath, by the way, is quite unfair to the birds. Its made of thick concrete which is really hot and holds the heat really well and that concrete bowl is filled with rain water also heated by the sun. So essentially the birds have a concrete soup pot.

No wonder Mr. Cardinal was thinking about joining me in the pool!

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