Wednesday, July 1, 2009

There will be CAKE!

I've been working on this post for a while. Trying to get it just right, I wanted to include just enough facts and leave out just enough so I wont get sued. I didn't want to hurt any ones feeling but, to hell with the feeling. This is my blog and I'll say what I want to!

So on with the show...

10 months ago I quit my job of 13 years. It was a hard decision, but one that has blossomed into the best one to date. I loved my job, it was challenging, sometimes fun, I had a lot of freedom and I learned much. I also gathered 13 years worth of baggage. I thought I had sorted through and unpacked most of this baggage but I recently found another piece. This particular bag, should of been very small, a carry on or backpack really, but upon further inspection it held a lot of... crap.

What brought on this realization???? Cake. Yes, cake, a seemingly Innocent thing cake but it can express so much. What has cake got to do with baggage....well.

When I make a cake for someone, I take into consideration the when, the where, the why, but most importantly what they like. Do they like chocolate, vanilla, chocolate and vanilla, pineapple, coconut, cheese cake, brownies, apple pie.... you get the idea. I like cheese cake, home made preferably. I also love icing, home made butter cream, not the Crisco crap from walmart. You could put icing on chocolate chip cookies and I would be in heaven. I am not, however, very fond of strawberry cake. I love strawberries and this strawberry, pretzel combo thing that my friend Barb makes but that's about it. Strawberry cake and icing isn't on the top of my list, hell its not even on my list.

You know where this is going, right?? Yea, you guessed it, my boss, for my going away cake, got me strawberry cake with strawberry icing. You know why?? Yep, you guessed it, its HIS favorite kind of cake. I don't know why I was surprised by this. Prior to my departure, he would order a cake for any reason. At first it was for a celebration of the sales people meeting a goal, celebration for a book getting done on time, celebration for, I don't know... Thursday.....

You are probably wondering why I consider this baggage. Well, to "celebrate" or "say goodbye" whatever, to my 13 years of loyal service, devotion, dedication, stupidity, my boss bought HIS favorite cake. His favorite, not mine, no consideration for me or my taste buds. As far as I was concerned we had cake because he was going to save some money for the company, not because a valued employee was leaving.

See where I'm going... see the baggage here. People don't value loyalty, dedication, pride and ownership in their work or workers.

I loved my job, i loved my work, creating, pushing, meeting deadlines, making the impossible possible. Seeing my imagination in print, seeing the idea come to life. OVER!

Over and done with, the bags are unpacked and put away, now I need to help my friends unpack theirs. Oh, and there will be CAKE!!!!

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Jenn said...

Some people just leave their bags there...saves them from having to un-pack! I think I have a little Facebook housekeeping to do now! ;)