Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pure happiness for $2.10


I bought happiness and entrainment for $2.10. All day entertainment. I know, if only we could all be made happy by $2.10. By now, you must be wondering what on earth I got for that amount that made such a difference in my day. Weeeeellll, 2 Matchbox cars, both blue race cars. Really cool race cars as described by the very excited little boy receiving these cars.

I told Daniel to pick out any Matchbox car he wanted. He looked at me with those beautiful big brown eyes and said..., "Only one?" Made me smile, laugh actually. He looked and studied this rack of cars, looked at each one, clearly looking for the perfect one to add to his collection. I was looking too, because I happen to really like Matchbox cars and race cars too. I picked out one and he picked out one, I handed him the one I picked an asked if he liked it. He studied the two cars in his little hands, looking hard at every detail and he says, "I like the one you like" so sweet and smart because this little answer earned him both of the cars. He was sooo excited, just shook with glee. He was perfect the rest of our shopping trip. We checked out and the lady put his two cars in a bag by themselves so he could carry them to the car. Of course they had to be liberated of their plastic bondage as soon as he got buckled in. Those are the luckiest toy cars I have ever seen, he drove them all over Los Mex, all over Sears, my car and Mina and Papas house. I took him home and the first thing he yelled to his Daddy, even before he got out of the car was,"HEY DADDY, Lori got me two new cool race cars... see look at them!!!" More smiles!

If only we could all be that happy about something so simple. When we are young its so easy to be pleased with the smal things, but as we grow up our dreams and demands get more and more expensive. Our toys get bigger and have more wires and batteries, now I would just like to be able to get one gallon of gas for $2.10.

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