Monday, July 20, 2009

Its a small world....

sing it with me...

It's a small world after all
it's a small world after all
it's a small small world!

This song always reminds me of the ride at Disney World. The only reason we rode this particular ride was because we were hot and tired of waiting in line. In this ride, if you could handle the small, strange sometimes out of sinc, children it was a great place to rest and cool off. The problem was the song was stuck in your head, forever!

My point of remembering and singing this song tonight, is It Is A Small Small World! Really, it was proven so tonight.

A girl I went to elementary school with, early elementary school, 1st, 2nd and 4th grades will be be Nephew #1's kindergarten teacher! See, told you, small world. To make this story and connection stranger....

Shanna (the teacher) and I were classmates, her bother Michael and my brother were classmates. Jim and Michael played together after school. On one of these play dates, Michael and Jim were playing in a wagon, Michael went to pull Jim up the hill in front of our house, Jim fell out backwards and busted his head open. Shanna's Mom picked me up from school. My Mama always picked me up from school. I knew something was wrong the minute everyone else left and I was the only one still in the classroom with Mrs. White. She was being really happy, I knew something was wrong. Mrs. Spivey came to get me and took me home with Shanna and Michael, I didn't know what happened, just that I had to stay there till Mama came to get me. I think I was there a week, because Jim was in the hospital with a cracked skull. He says he still has a 'wrinkle' in the back of his head from this incident.

Anyway, this is only one of many memories with this family, there are many happy others. This one is just the most tramatic!!!!

I am, however, very happy Shanna, Mrs. Holt, will be Daniel's kindergarten teacher. Being born and raised in Anniston, Alabama, its not likely my newphews will have a teacher that we, my family, doesnt know, or know of ...somehow. So no one is safe!!! It makes me happy that I not only know his teacher but that we have a history together, we were his age together in Mrs. Whites classroom. We learned to read and write, color and play.

I cant wait to see the fun and memories Daniel will make in his years of school, starting now with my old friend as his guide.

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