Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Angry Whopper

I am not usually tempted by fast food gimmicks, limited time only deals or super duper specials. However, last night I saw the commercial for the new Angry Whopper at Burger King and I was smitten. Yes, its real name is the Angry Whopper. Its a version of the Whopper topped with spicy crispy onions, jalapenos, pepper jack cheese, bacon, tomatoes, lettus, mayo and spicy Angry Sauce. I didn't say it was healthy, just good and it was sooooo very good. I was really surprised at the flavor, I wouldn't say it was super hot, the Angry sauce is good, but not real real hot. The jalapenos have a little kick but still not super hot. I eat jalapenos straight from the jar, so nothings really too hot. Now my Dad would think it was hot, he doesn't eat hot things. He laughed at me and my brother one day, we were eating hot pickles, sweating and puffing, fanning our tongues and going back for more. Daddy said,"If eating that stuff hurts, why do you do it?" Jim and I laughed and said, at the same time, "Casuse its good!" Daddy just shook his head and laughed, said we were burning his tongue just watching us. So if you have a sensitive mouth, dont eat the Angry Whopper. It was a splurge, so not on the diet and I will have to walk 10 extra miles for eating it but it tasted great. As far as fast food burgers go, this one is worth a few extra miles!

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Theresa Shadrix said...

I have a serious problem eating something that needs anger management:)