Saturday, January 17, 2009


The absolute joy of a child, I saw that today.

Today we attended my nephews second basketball game. This is his first year to play and it is so entertaining. They're 5 so, there is not a whole lot of skill involved, there is a lot of traveling, skipping, some crying, a bit of wrestling and occasionally a basketball is thrown either waaayyyy short or waaaaayyyy over the goal. If, by some chance, a ball actually goes through the basket, oh my, the incredible joy that envelopes the whole gym. Not just the child but the parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends.... you get the idea, everyone is ecstatic, like the kid just won a world cut or something.

Its not the game that amazes me or the child's ability, its the unbridled joy when they run down the court. Not so much a run, but a skipping, floating action complete with a beautiful child smile, full of happiness, freedom and mischief. No worries, the only thing they are wondering is what's for snack. 

Just for one minute, don't you wish you could recapture that joy. The pure joy of a child running, jumping and being well.... happy. No consequences, no worries, no excuses, just JOY. 

I'm going outside now to run and jump, why? Because I can.

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