Friday, December 26, 2008

sport UTILITY vehicle

When I got the MINI everyone asked, "Are you getting rid of the XTerra?" and my answer was always NO! Its payed for! and we actually use it as the SUV it is.

SUV: Sport Utility Vehicle.
UTILITY is the main word here. The SUV, we call it 'the truck', why, well because our other two vehicles are essentially 2 seater, small gas efficient cars and saying XTerra every time is... boring. 

We haul lots of stuff in the truck; dogs, bikes, hay, tile, patio blocks, rocks, wood, dogs, plants of all kinds, fence stuff, dogs, fodder for dogs pen, big stuff, dogs, you see the pattern here. We also use it to move things, move as in - pull things from the ground. So far we have used it to pull 3 Yellow Bell bushes, 4 Azaleas and 5 shrubs of some sort, shaped like giant balls from the ground. Just hook the come-a-long to the provided hook on the front of the Xterra and you are ready to go.

Did I mention the dogs? Well they like to ride, even if its only from the driveway to the back yard.  I can jingle my keys and they go nuts, beat on the door and dance around the truck when they get out. Brindle decided he wasn't going to get out of the truck today, he got in when I was moving it to the back yard and 2 hours latter J had to pull him from the truck, unwillingly, the dog not the hubby. 

So, we have 3 vehicles, all used for 3 different,
good reasons, and we're never wheel-less or gas-less and the dogs are always happy!

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