Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Decorations

What's with these inflatable Christmas decorations? Blown up Santas, Snow Men, Snow Globes with penguins and white stuff swirling around inside, the penguins aren't swirling, but they should be, inflated Tiggers and Rudolphs, a Homer Simpson decoration, I have even seen an inflatable Nativity Scene..... Anyway, I guess its the trend, the inflatable stuff, after all every car lot (still in business) has huge Santas, Green Gorillas wearing flip flops, very large gas pumps and one very large green Christmas tree with ornaments painted badly around the edges. So, why not tether these things in our front yards?! 

I don't have a problem with the blown up Santas, Snow Men and such, their cute. My issue with the things is this - When they are deflated, laying on the lawn, waiting on you to come home and turn on the blowers - it looks like a Christmas drive-by has happened. Dead deflated puddles of red Santa's, flat Frosty's, broken snow globes, sad useless penguins all laying in puddles of their own, rubbery/plastic flatness. This masquer of Christmas decorations is startling and hard to explain. I know you can't leave these things running all the time, your power bill would be outrageous, but these things, unlike lights can be seen all day. Of course you dont plug in your Christmas light until dark, otherwise its a waist, but an 8 foot tall Santa, seems like daylight would be the time you would WANT the thing inflated.

Well like I said at the beginning, I have nothing against these things, I like them, they are cute and very prominent. I cant have any of these, I have 2 rambunctious dogs and Santa would definelty look like a shredded plastic carcass in my yard.

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