Thursday, December 4, 2008

Some things I have learned today

1. Pushing a wheelbarrow 
with a flat tire, 
full of wood, 
in the rain...
is hard

2. Wet firewood will not burn.
No matter how much junk mail you ignite 
under it.

3. Ornament hooks, left unattended for a year 
in the basement in a box WILL form one 
large tangled, frustrating ball of hooks.

4. 1 out 3 strands of lights from last year 
will only light half way. AND, 
you will not find out till they are on the tree.

5. You should not let your cat help you decorate the Christmas tree.

I shall elaborate on this one. Quincy, my sweet youngest kitty, has been banished to the back porch till I finish with the tree. 
Why? You may ask. Well, he decided to help put the lights on the tree, from the inside out. It was very cute and very 
painful. I have lost a good bit of blood and I am out of band-aids.

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Barb said...

I love that picture!!!