Monday, December 1, 2008

Random Monday Strangeness

I saw some strange things yesterday.

4 inch purple spike high heels at WalMart, on someone's feet.
One-why would you wear 4 inch high spike heels? Two - why would you wear 4 inch high spike high heels to WalMart on a Monday? Oh, I forgot, they were purple 4 inch high spike heels with a zipper. Not sort of purple, not lavender, periwinkle or mauve, PURPLE. The color purple you can only find at Fredricks kinda purple, get my drift here???

The scene - bank drive through. 
The Problem - strange man trying to balance the National Budget in said drive through.
I don't mean strange man as in I didn't know him, I didn't but not the point, I mean strange as in he didn't look like he had been either on earth long or out of a coma long. I pulled in behind this person at the drive through, I wasn't in a hurry, so I stayed put when I saw some confusion, I thought it might prove interesting, which it did. Apparently the first thing that happened was the teller sent the scary draw out to fetch his transaction, he seemed startled when a section of the wall moved. After the teller repeated 3 or 4 times 'place your transaction in the drawer' he apparently got over his fear of the hand eating drawer and placed whatever inside. I heard this because I rolled my window down after I saw him lean further out his and visibly say HUH? The teller was yelling into the mic. The drawer went in and back out, more conversation, back in, back out, move conversation and questions, back in a pause, back out, something signed, back in, back out, more conversation and this time he left his hand resting on the drawer... Yea I thought the same thing, but she obviously asked him to move it before the drawer gobbled it up, I know she wanted to shut it on him. After 4 or 5 more minutes of this, he finally solved his financial problems and the Nations too and left. As I pulled up to the window the two tellers were laughing and talking about the man, the drawer came out for me and she said how can I help you? I said cash this please and by the way your mic is on really loud...

Snow, 5 or 6 flakes, but thats enough to send Southerner running 
for bread and milk. Although, the lack of scrambling made me
 think I was the only one who saw the rouge flakes. i made my way quietly to the dairy and home to bring in firewood.

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