Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A day in the life on a Wednesday

A short list of my day

Went to Wal-Mart today, surprise. I think going to Wal-Mart in 4 short trips, I spend less money than one big one.... HEY, you rationalize your way, I'll rationalize mine. Anyway, while there I followed this old guy, not followed as in stalking him, but followed as in we were both on the same shopping path. He was a very happy old guy and he was singing to the carols being played, over and over and over and over.... He wasn't singing all of the right words, but he was singing. He spotted me smiling and said, "I like to sing, God said make a joyful noise, he didn't say we had to be in tune!" Made me laugh!

In the parking lot I spotted another old guy struggling to get his groceries into his car. I stopped and offered to help him, I think I scared him, but he accepted and I placed a HUGE bag of dog food in his back seat and a 24 pack of water. He thanked me and smiled as I walked away. That made me happy!

a few wednesday facts:

Dogs do not like mushrooms, they do like carrots.
When cats eat green curly ribbon, it comes out straight, still green though.
A wet dog stinks, no matter when his last bath was.
Cats do not make good gift wrapping helpers.
When wax drips from a height onto a cold tile floor, it makes lots of tiny globs that splatter everywhere.
Wax is hard to get off of brick.
Cats cannot digest fake Christmas tree needles.
Stepping in cold cat puke is better than warm, trust me.
Sometimes you don't want to know what's stuck on your pants.

thats about it, I'm sure I will learn more tomorrow, always do!

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