Tuesday, November 25, 2008

People Suck

Yes, I realize that is a strong, not very politically correct title. But its true! I haven't written about this subject before because I was trying to be nice, trying to not make enemies with my neighbors but the gloves are off. Why, you ask am I so angry, well sit down 'cause I am gonna tell you!!

I was working on installing my new router when I glanced out my window and saw a Sherifs car sitting in my driveway. I ran to the door and there stood a sherifs deputy staring at my dogs. Bailey was barking and Brindle was wagging his tail and acting the fool he is. To add to the oddness my neighbors dogs were here too, wagging and playing. I jump outside and say HI, Bailey runs to me, growling at the man. Thats his job, to growl at strangers standing in my yard, strangers I did not invite into my yard and this man has the nerve to say, "Your dog isn't nice, he growled at me". I said, "well you are in my yard he is protecting me". So he gives me the speech about living in the city limits, which I don't, the 30-1-2-blah blah blah bull shit law about dogs being tied up or contained, right I got that and I needed to control my mean dog. Now this statement made me angry, but its not the one that got me. Because sitting at my feet were the 2 dogs from down the street that have been starved and maimed by the carelessness of their owners. 
One has a permanent scar around her neck where she pulled her way out of a wire they had tied around her neck, she skinned herself
 getting this wire off and the other one has lost a foot, LOST A FOOT! Not his keys, not his sunglasses or socks, HIS FOOOOTTTTTT. He lost his foot because something was tangled around it, not to mention both of them look like walking skeletons with skin draped on them, AND I was the one getting talked to by the law and told what to do. Told to control my MEAN dog that didn't bite anyone, didn't charge anyone, but growled at a STRANGER in my yard, a STRANGER coming to my door, where my dog knows I am. My dogs are fat, healthy and happy, they protect me, cause thats what faithful, well cared for dogs do.

The more people I meet, the more I love my pets.

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Jenn said...

This is terrible! That poor baby! And it might not be a bad idea to learn your dogs how to attack officers of the law...just in case. Idiots!