Sunday, November 16, 2008

Camouflage, not just for huntin' turkeys.

I am going to just jump right in on this one because no explanation in the world will make this make scene.  While visiting a large discount store last week, i noticed quite a few shoppers wearing camouflage clothing. Well its November, I'm sure its the season to kill something furry in the woods, so why not wear your woodland gear to the store? Well the sight of the camo wasn't so strange as the combination of patterns. You would think matching camo patterns wouldn't be that difficult. Match them like Garanimals, remember the old brand of clothes that had different animals on the tags?! Just match the animals and make an outfit, so easy a 5 year old could do it. Pull out a shirt with a giraffe on the tag and a pair of pants with a giraffe and bingo a matched outfit. Well I think camo outfits should work the same way. I mean if you insist on wearing camo from head to foot to go shopping for pizza, dog food and toilet paper, just match the patters of your clothes. If you have Desert Storm on top, wear Desert Storm on bottom, same goes for the jungle camo, green and green. Not green jungle camo and deep woods turkey shootin' camo. These two patterns do not mix. Have you ever seen a turkey in the jungle? No, turkeys hang out in the back woods of Alabama where we have leaves and sticks and pine cones, which also appear on the turkey shottin' camo pants.

Another strange thing about these people in camo, in this large discount store, they were not only wearing miss matched camo from head to toe, they didn't even match each other and they were returning more, miss matched camo......

That was a strange day, in a strange place and yes the people I am referring to were of a particular primary color ranging on and around the posterior of  the neck area. 

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