Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Food for thought

Food, yep food. Why is food so important, I mean besides the obvious, it keeps us alive. Think about it, some of the best times revolve around food. 

What brought this on? I was watching Food TV (big surprise) and Anthony Bourdain asked whoever he was interviewing, "what food reminded them of their childhood?" This got me thinking, what food reminded me of childhood? I grew up with people cooking, my Mama always cooked dinner, my Memama cooked everything for every meal for everyone, my Papa was a great cook and I watched. My brother loves to cook, he used to get up in the middle of the night when he was a teenager and cook, I would hear the silverware drawer close and smell something sizzling. I remember sitting on the floor in my Big Mamas kitchen (my great grandmother) while she made pies in metal fluted pie pans. I watched Papa glaze this huge ham with shiny 
sweet juice and make his famous chocolate frosting that got hard on the cake, so it cracked when you cut it. I still cant make that icing. Memama, cooking bacon at 4am, yes 4am, Im not kidding, 4AM. The smell of bacon still reminds me of her house. She also makes the best fried corn, and pound cake, ohhh yum!

OK, back to the question, what food reminds me of childhood? You may be thinking its cake or cookies or something kiddie like, but its not, its Roast. The smell of the Sunday roast with lots and lots of carrots (I love carrots), potatoes, onions and celery all cooking together in the oven. The whole house smells delicious from top to bottom. Sometimes, if your lucky, the smell lasts till Monday, so when you open the door it wafts out in a wonderful cloud of yummy. 

We may be an overweight nation, we don't exercise enough, we don't always eat the right things, but food brings us together and there is nothing wrong with that. A big southern family gathered around a big southern table, holding hands, blessing our food, thanking God for everyday together. 

There's you some food for thought, how about thanking God everyday, not just once a year on an overdone holiday.

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