Sunday, July 6, 2008

Ice is Noisy

J has been sick this weekend, he's been sleeping off and on in his recliner, so I have been tip toeing around so as not to disturb him. Well I've been doing this since Friday and today I had had enough. I needed to get out and do something and i wanted to go riding. So I gathered all the garb to do so, the one big thing I needed was my Camel Back. This is the devise which holds 2 liters of the very important liquid that keeps me from dying while on the trail. It also holds my keys, phone, iPod, glucose chewy things among other things. But to get out the door with this it needs to be filled with water, which is quiet. I like my water cold, COLD COLD, well to do this you need ice. Remember J is sleeping in the living room, 15 feet from the refrigerator. So I get a plastic cup, one of the cheep plastic ones not hard plastic, thinking this will be a quieter way to catch the ice from the dispenser. Yes, I thought about taking the ice directly from the ice box but I couldn't remover the shelf from above it to get my hand in, so I didn't. Anyway, I filled my cup very loudly, with ice. Checked on J, he was still asleep, so one cup down I wanted more. Back to the ice dispenser, this time however, the ice comes out quicker and over flows slamming onto the floor. After I finish cringing, I check on J, he's still asleep. Great now all I have to do is put the ice in the Camel Back. When ice hits water, what does it do? It crackles LOUDLY, this woke the Bear.

J: What are you doing?
me: I'm going riding
J: (only one eye open) Huh? oh, great, be careful
me: see ya latter, go back to sleep, sorry I woke you
J: k, bye, dont wreck

and off I went with my loudly cracking Ice.

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Liesa said...

Hey Lori!

I loved both of your entries - on the mini cooper AND the ice... I try to pull the quiet thing every now and then and end up louder than if I'd just made the racket to start out with.