Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mistake, big, huge

I want a new car. Not just any car but a MINI Cooper. Drove all the way to Atlanta with a car payment burning a hole in my pocket to get a MINI. When we got to the dealership not a soul acknowledged our presence. They had 2 MINI's I would of driven off the lot right then. 2, TWO, I would of taken either, happily, bought and payed for, driven home, 2 autos. But nooooo, they wouldn't even say hi, how are you, can I help you, kiss my ass, nothing!

MINI's are made and sold by BMW. Maybe I didnt look the part of a BMW shopper, I wasnt shopping for a luxury BMW I was looking at a tiny, fuel efficient, unique MINI. its called a MINI for a reason.

Well one of the two MINI dealers in Atlanta has lost my business, not that they care I'm sure. The other dealer has actually contacted me twice since this incident so I may still have a MINI soon. If I get the car from the other dealer, i want to take it to the rude one and imitate the scene from Pretty Woman when she walkes back into the store where the women were rude to her. "You work on commission, right? (pointing to car) Mistake, big, huge, I have more shopping to do!"


Barb said...

Go get that mini and give the other guy hell! HA! I would love to do that Pretty Woman Scene to the people that believe they are so much better that others!

Bo said...

I sold cars for a living once upon a time. Did you know that? We called what happened to you "shotgun qualifying," and it's a big mistake.

We bought a Versa a couple of weeks ago. Delighted so far.