Tuesday, June 3, 2008

a strange 34 minutes

OK, tonight was strange. Well, not the whole night just 20 minutes of it. For the past 2 nights, I have had nothing to do, flipped channels, played games online, chatted. Basically been bored and lazy. Nothing has been on TV, the hubby's at work, Mama's out of town and so on. So tonight started out as one of those boring nights when I decided to look for some paper work I need to take to work tomorrow for 401K stuff. The file drawer was a mess so I filed, while filing, the show I was kinda listening to went off and I flipped channels and low and behold Shrek III was on, and I havent seen this yet, while filing and watching Shrek the phone rang, it was my Daddy. Thought it was Mama cause her name came up on ID, but it was Daddys number, whatever. He was coming over to drop off an antique chest my Memama sent home for me. While watching for him, I observed my dog Bailey chasing the brats that live across the street out of my driveway, again. He always stops right at the edge of our yard, he's such a good dog! While watching this my phone rang again, it was Eddie the idiot from work, a page was messed up and while talking to him about that Daddy pulled in. I told Eddie I would be at the paper in 20 and Daddy and I unloaded the chest. He only stayed a minute, admired my new floor and we left, me going to the paper with the dogs and he headed home. So off to the paper, fixed the (non) problem and was home in less than 15 minutes.

Now, the reason all of this made for a strange night was it all happened within 34 minutes. Guess what I'm doing now???? Flipping channels, playing games online, about to chat and basically being bored and lazy!

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