Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Martin Floor Adventure Phase 2

Well, tonight we took a break from the Floor. We needed to. J and I are both exhausted, I've been sick with allergies, according to the doc (yes, I who avoid the doc went, so you know I didnt feel good) I had a severe allergic reaction to the dust and mold we stirred up when removing the carpet. After I sneezed and snotted and wheezed, the doc and many others, have asked 'Were you wearing a mask when you removed the carpet?' NO, I WASN'T. That would of been smart. The carpet ripping was a spur of the moment thing and well, masked were not considered.

This floor job has been something we have wanted to do since we bought the place in April of 98. I cant believe we have been here this long, living with that ugly whore house red carpet. Thats my description of it, my Mother agrees. Imagine the red satin chase lounge you may see in a typical old 'Cat House' pictures, thats the color my carpet was. It looked good in the room, with the dark knotty pine walls and brick wall that makes up my fireplace. Alone it was ugly and now its in a messy pile on my back porch. Most folks never even noticed what color it was, really, it just blended in with the room.

So tomorrow, after a night of rest, we will tackle the floor again. I want to finish it by this weekend and get my house back in order. Its making us crazy walking on the couch in the kitchen and sharing the small floor space with a 98 lb dog.

If anyone decides to rip out carpet; 1) wear a mask, 2) get a supply of Zyrtec, 3) hold your breath, 4) be prepared to lay out some dough for tile, 5) be prepared to watch your husband turn into a measuring lunatic (and still get the measurements not quite right), and 6) be prepared to makes at least 4 trips to Lowes and one trip to the doctor, maybe the emergency room. (we're not dont yet).

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Barb said...

Glad to hear you went to the doc & it is only allergies! Please NO trips to the ER!!!!