Friday, May 23, 2008

Bad Drivers!

Some people are stupid drivers. Most cars made since 1938 come with blinkers, USE THEM! The right lane is for regular travel, the left lane is for passing. When you are no longer passing GET OVER. I drive an SUV I am not trying to drag race you.

This rant brought to you by a dumb ass blue van driver on 431 today at 12:02pm. I was in the right lane traveling the speed limit (believe it or not) of 65 mph. Some folks were passing, some not. I was approaching my left turn to Wrights Dairy and realized the jerk in the blue van that had been riding in the left lane since I hit 431 kept speeding up, slowing down, speeding up, sowing down... you know just enough so I couldn't get over. I spotted a car a few car lengths up that was in the left lane WITH THEIR BLINKER ON to turn left, so I waited to get past blue van and get in front of her then, in the left lane, to make a left turn with my left blinker ON! As soon as I got over and she got around the turner she was on top of me in a flash and of all things, blew her horn at me. I did not cut her off and I used my turn signal. Again I drive an SUV, some things can not be done quickly in one of those, like turning and or stopping.

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