Monday, May 19, 2008

The Martin Floor Adventure, phase 1

Well I was going to wait and write about this adventure when it was over, but after laying only 5 of 22 boxes of tile I thought I should start writing now.

Let me start at the beginning. Friday I got home from work and the hubby was cleaning the carpet in our living room. Its ugly carpet, I've never liked it but it was there, anyway. After seeing the state of the carpet and the not so good smells coming from the warm water coming off the floor, I shocked both of us by announcing, 'Lets Rip It Up!' right now.
hubby: Right now?
me: yes
hubby: Now?
me: yes, right now
hubby: and then what?
me: tile
hubby: tile?
me: yes
hubby: are you sure?
and so on.

Things have been moved, my couch is in my kitchen, my books are in stacks all over my table, the coffee table is on its end in the spare bedroom and the TV is in the other half of the living room.

We started all the mud and snap lines and leveling, Got out the buckets, mixers, scrapers and trowel. And attacked the floor! Like I said at the beginning we only got 5 boxes down, took 3.5 hours and it looks great! More tomorrow, more tile, mud, pictures and blogging, if I can still feel my fingers!

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Barb said...

Love that tile! It looks similiar to my kitchen tiles. Ours is slightly lighter.