Sunday, May 18, 2008

A little Faith Restored.

Faith, its a fickle thing mine has been all but gone lately. Last night and today, a little was restored a lot actually. What really made me realize and embrace this finding of faith was the blog of my friend and co-worker Jennifer. Last week she lost her wedding ring, she was devastated. I have never seem this woman as upset and hurt as she was. I hurt with her. But through the unbelievable good will of a stranger in another town her ring was found and returned. Not kept, not pawned returned. RETURNED, I just cant believe it was even found, in a parking lot, in Gadsden, by a stranger. There are real people, honest people still kicking around in this world! My little glass of faith just filled a little.

Last nights restoration happened because I got to see, talk to, hang out and play games with my friends, my long lost friends. We all get busy with our lives and loose touch with each other sometimes. I didnt realize how much I missed these people til we were all together again, just us laughing, crying, smiling, loving our time together (Ami and SteveO-missed yall). i still feel like my soul is smiling, and its been a long time since that has happened. I owe ya'll a great big thank you. RR, I am so very sorry you are sad and i hate to regurgitate the cliche BS of 'you did the right thing' but you did. Bobby, what can I say.... I have MISSED (get that MIIIIISSSSSSEDDDDDD) you, understand! T&R love you guys and Jim H. welcome to the clan. And of course, last but certainly not lease my hubby for without him I wouldnt know these people, nor would I be the crazy grinning lunatic I am today, he lets me be me and he loves the way I am.

So you see, I'm full today, full of smiles, hugs, happiness, warmth, hope and most of all a little faith.


Barb said...

We all need a little jolt in our faith! You were right, Jenn's blog was chilling and exciting also!

Jenn said...

Glad that my horrid episode was able to help restore some for you too! Re-affirms that I wasn't the only one in need of uplifting!