Sunday, April 27, 2008

Think before you speak

People say things, hurt feelings is makes me wonder if they don't do it on purpose and play it off as innocent or just plain stupid. I could be wrong, maybe some people (person) didn't realize what she was saying would hurt me so bad, rip open (very new) healing feelings and scars. Maybe it was an accident, a slip of the tongue, better yet, maybe she is just so f&!%$#* stupid, or simple that she didn't realize what she was saying. Can someone really be that naive?

I tried, I really did, very hard to not let her talking upset me, but she wouldn't shut up. She talked and talked and talked some more, like she was puking stupid. It happened very quickly, it felt like it was an eternity, but in reality probably only 10-13 seconds. Long enough for what she was saying to register, for me to look at her with my "are you really saying this" and then the "shut the hell up" stair. All the while I am still thinking, this isn't happening which lead to me walking away from the conversation (and 2 other people). I was in tears by the time I hit the door. Still I was trying to make them stop, to turn off my head to ignore what was going on. Nothing worked. I went to my room and shut the door, ignoring my company and the problem.

If people would just think before they speak.


HEWY said...

Sometimes people are selfish and don't think about other people feelings. Dont let selfish people upset you.

Jenn said...

Hewy's right....and then again, sometimes people are just idiots! Not necessarily selfish or not thinking...just morons. I love that you said it was like she was 'puking stupid'!! I know too many people that do that! I wonder if there is a vaccine for that!? Write it/her off. Don't let what she said bring you down. Don't put much effort into it...cause I guarantee you she isn't. Muah!

Barb said...

People have no idea what or how they say things will affect others, but some are JUST plain dumb and like Hewy said they are selfish!!!!!