Friday, April 25, 2008

Bussiness Up Front, Party in the Back!

I saw something interesting tonight, in Wal Mart. Yea not a real big surprise but.... Anyway. Hubby and I were on the juice isle, picking out the perfect cran-raspberry blend when I glanced to the end of the isle and saw it, the perfect example of the ugliest hairstyle ever. A mullet, not JUST a mullet, a curly black haired, slightly greasy, mullet. Thats not all, the mullet wearer also had on a KISS t-shirt, yea really! With the sleeves cut off and everything! HA! It was appropriately faded, as in HE PROBABLY BOUGHT IT AT THE CONCERT IN 1989. I saw him on the coffee isle next, and next I checked out his jeans, acid wash, yes, ACID WASH. Again HAHAHA! Thats not all, believe it or not, I looked past the curly black slightly greasy mullet, KISS t-shit, acid wash jeans and well, he was ugly, past that all of this, he had on a Blue tooth ear piece. A very modern piece of electronic wonder, a piece of machinery that makes the wearer look like a Cyborg. A Cyborg wearing a KISS t-shirt sporting a mullet. It looked like one of those games, What doesnt belong! Well I would guess it was, oh I dont know, maybe the MULLET!


Jenn said...

I can't believe you posted this without an accompanying picture of "Big Worm" with his mullet! It's not complete without it.

Bo said...

I love Kiss. Still. Always will.

I think those Bluetooth earpieces are ridiculous, and I shall never wear one for any reason. Please, sir/ma'am. Nobody is that damned indispensable.