Monday, April 21, 2008

Things my dog has eaten, destroyed and brought home!

Brindle is my sweet big dog. He is a bull boxer, best we can tell. He thinks he is a 10lb. puppy, in truth he is a 98lb very heavy oaf. He is a big baby, pokes his lip out and pouts, if a dog can pout. He brings home treasures he borrows and or steels from the neighbors.

here are a few of the things he has brought home.
Someones shoe, I dont know if he ate the strings or left them behind.

A basket, that I have since put to use, I know whoever he borrowed it from probably misses it, but I like it.

A brush, kind of strange, but Brindle was very proud, head held high as he walked down the street with this in his mouth.

Here are a few things he has destroyed:
The yellow toy is advertised as the "Indestructible Large Dog Toy, Tested on Tigers" from what Brindle did to it, it must have been tested on tiger cubs. He had it completely disemboweled in less than an hour. Indestructible my foot! I wrote the company, sent them pictures, they never responded.

Next is the red tough bone, yes again advertised as "A Super Tough Toy" $9.99 and 5 minutes latter it was nothing but red scraps and stuffing a few black strings and a squeaker, minus the squeak.

Yes, this is a pumpkin, Brindle stole and ate my pumpkin. he carried it around the yard by the top for a few hours before he realized he could tear it apart leaving an orangy, sticky mess.

And most recently, my tennis shoes, well only one of them. Why not eat both. I need a new pair, I didnt want to get them today, but I guess I will. Either that or have one air conditioned toe. If you didnt notice, this picture was taken this morning on top of the garbage can, where the shoes now live. Nike's cannot stand up to the wrath of Brindle.

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Bo said...

Daily Growl. He has to have a Daily Growl.