Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Yesterday morning, 7:20am, Birmingham airport, Ray, Jeremy, myself and 300 of our newest friends are all trying to get through security. Lucky us, it was a high security day, yippy. Waiting in line, walking on a cold floor barefoot, everything removed from every pocket, trying to carry our carry ons while removing the computer from the bag, cameras from the bag, cellphones out and off. All this was ok, the YELLING wasnt. This one woman, drill Sargent TSA agent was walking up and down the outside of the amusement park type line screaming at everyone to have all of this stuff done. How in the blazes are we suppose to be able to first-walk, second-remove our shoes, belts.., third-carry everything, fourth-while all this is going on, remove everything from everything while being pushed forward by people about to miss their planes.... all while someone is YELLING at us to move forward.

DON'T YELL AT ME!!! Its not my fault we have crazy people in this world which lead airports to make everyone go through such extremes in security. Dont get me wrong, I am happy to go through security, happy there are rules that everyone has to follow, this doesn't bother me. i dressed appropriately to be searched. I wore slip on shoes, no belt, loose clothes. I dumped my purse and removed everything I thought would be questionable. I was prepared with the computer and cameras thanks to Barbs advise. Others, were not so prepared. and the Yelling, really could of done without that.

So everyone was getting through, getting re-dressed putting all their belongings back in cases and bags and running for their planes. We made it, I saw a few who didn't and they were not happy. I imagine the yelling woman was about to get yelled at! Go Get Her!!!!!!

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Barb said...

Gotta love TSA! It's good to know we are safe though!