Monday, March 10, 2008

Toto, we're not in Alabama anymore!

I am a born and raised Southerner, not just any Southerner but an Alabama born and raised Southerner. A southern baptist born and raised souther girl, I love Alabama, its beautiful and clean and full of mostly nice people. People who smile and say Hi, Thank You, Good Morning and you dont have to ever hear someone say, "No we do not have sweet tea." Gasp!

I'm currently in Maryland, so far the nicest people I have met today, and I have seen quite a few, are the people that run the hotel where we are staying. And as you can imagine Hodgy Patel isnt from the good ole US of A. People don't smile here, and they look at you as if you just called them something ugly and not mentioned in public when you smile at them. I do it anyway, " 'cause thats how I was raised!"

Tomorrow I will try to find some nice people, maybe if i smile at enough of them, they will smile back and maybe find a little Southern love in their hearts.

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