Monday, February 4, 2008

cats cats everywhere

I have cats, I'm sure I have mentioned this before. Tonight I found myself standing in my kitchen commentating what was going on, didnt even realize it until my hubby said uh huh for the third time. it went something like this...
me, "Hey, Cyble just hit Simon for no reason!"
hubby, "uh huh"
me, "wow now Simon is getting all up in Roxanne's face, wow he's hitting her now!"
hubby, "uh huh"
me, "Wow, Quincy is chasing Cyble now!"
hubby, "uh huh... what?"
me, "you arent paying attention"
hubby, "what? Yes, huh, cats, what just happened?"

so you see the cats are entertainment and children. Quincy is now sleeping in hubbys lap, Brindle is too, Bailey is laying next to me and Roxann is staring at me from the kitchen. Not sure where Cyble is, probably beating up Simon in the bedroom!

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