Sunday, February 3, 2008

Went riding again today! It was great, because i got a new bike. A Trek 1220 ZX road bike. I have been wanting a road bike, but was waiting for, well, I dont know what I was waiting for. Yesterday we went mountain biking and I broke something on my bike, so after lunch and a much needed shower we headed to Wiggs Wheels, to get my Mountain bike fixed. A great guy, wonderful bike mechanic, good friend to my brother and I like him. He tried to fix it while we were there but it had more extensive damage and he was going to have to do it latter. But while we waited and talked my sweet hubby mentioned to Wigg that I wanted a road bike, he of course, had a few. Its used and was much cheaper than a new one and i love it. It fits perfectly, its blue and its now mine. I rode it around Wiggs parking lot to make sure it fit and felt right and it did, like it was made for me.

So today we headed to Piedmont, actually just past Piedmont. I dont know the name of the place, actually I dont think it had a name, to small. Anyway we went there because we wanted to ride further into Georgia, on Ladiga trail/Silver Comet Trail. We made it to Cedartown before it started raining. Rain in February is cold, very very cold. We headed home and the rain got harder, and colder. My feet were frozen. I had on a jacket that is water retardant, not water proof. i now definetly know the difference, I was soaked to the skin and did I say COLD!

The ride was great though, went about 20 or so miles. Saw lots of animals today. Cats, dogs, pigs, ponys, chickens, roosters, quail, rabbits, lots of deer, horses, cows, lots of cows and cow babies, a hawk and lots of squirrels. Saw more wild/farm life today than yesterday when we were in the woods. The cows stare, its kind of strange to have a field full of cows, stop chewing and watch you ride by. I felt obligated to speak, like if I didnt they would send to bull out to chase me home. One of the chickens ran across the trail in front of me, made me laugh, chickens look funny when they run and the whole chicken crossing the road thing. HA! The deer also cut across the tail in front of us, 12 or 14 of them, huge, running and jumping, so pretty. So we finally made it home, i finally got warm, hubby made dinner and now Im sleepy, time to watch super bowl commercials!

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