Sunday, January 13, 2008

plumbing, i told you so...

I'll jump in right in the middle of this one. Before Thanksgiving I told the hubby there was something wrong with the kitchen sink, well not the sink, the pipes. The sink was draining slowly, very slowly. He said ok, plunged it a little and was done. Still draining slowly...

Yesterday, I looked under the sink for a new sponge, to wash dishes. How often do you look under your sink? I don't very often and maybe I should. Because yesterday when I did, there was water, not much, but any is bad and a sagging pipe. I say sagging 'cause I don't know any other way to describe it. So I call the husband and tell him, he looks says f#$%, i don't want to do this today. He pushes up the pipe and closes the doors....

This morning, slept in, husband was still in bed. So I'm washing dishes, straighting up the kitchen when I realize the sinks aren't draining, at all. I look under, its still damp, so I push on the same pipe he pushed yesterday, nothing. So I finish up and realize water is pouring on my feet, from under the cabinet doors. I look under the sink and what do I see? The sagging pipe isn't attached to anything - anymore. So i wake the man with a good morning kiss, a cup of coffee and the news. It went something like this..
me, 'the sink is leaking'
Jeremy, 'what!?'
me, 'kitchen sink, water is coming out where its not suppose to.'
Jeremy, 'WHAT!'
Jeremy 'oh... shit, did you hit it'
me 'get up. fix it. no i didn't hit it, yet and by the way, i told you the sink was broken'.

You can imagine how things progressed after that! Actually it was worse than that. The repairs took 2 trips to Lowes, lots of towels, lots of 4 letter words, the mop, the plunger, and a bucket. Somehow, he put his thumb through 2 pipes. I don't mean into the pipe, as in the already open ends. through it, like cracked through the pipe. He got soooo angry. I laughed, he didn't see me laugh. It was the fit that came next that was so funny.

The sinks fixed, new pipes, its almost dry. I was right though, and i told him so!


Jenn said...

Hi five!

Anonymous said...

That is such a funny story. I know it wasn't at the time, but it made me laugh.