Saturday, January 19, 2008

... these are a few of my favorite things...

what are your favorite things, really? and are they 'things' at all? what sent me on this journey today? The snow, its snowing in Alabama, a rarity here in this southern state. So when it does snow, even a little, we take notice and do strange things, like buy all the bread and milk in the store. Yea, this is what you need to survive a snow storm. I got beer and chili fixins'. That's more like it.

Back to the snow. I was standing on my back porch, letting the snow land on my face, listening to it fall. Yes snow makes a noise, very soft, beautiful noise as it falls through the trees and lands on the cold grass. I realized snow and the peaceful blanket it brings and the sound it makes floating down from the grey sky, is one of my favorite things. The smell of a wood fire burning and the sting of the cold air in my nose is one of my favorite things. A warm cat sleeping on my side, in the curve of my waist as I lie on the couch, the feel of him purring and kneading the cover is one of my favorite things. Seeing Jeremy smile at me when he realizes I am looking at him, is one of my favorite things. So many more: Memamas warm pound cake, Granddaddy's aftershave, the smell of a fresh clean baby, fresh cut grass, cherry vanilla pipe smoke, an old couple holding hands, riding downhill very fast, comfy shoes, over sized soft sweat shirts, pickles, baking, having a brother, watching leaves fall, kissing, Halloween, friends, freedom, memories.

I could go on and on and on. Think about your favorite things. What are they? are they actual things. I have a few things i couldn't live without, well at least i think i couldn't live without. Like this computer for instance, i love my lap top, my ipod, my digital camera. Jeremy thinks I should have a USB port installed in my head for all my gadgets. My wedding ring, its a thing and one of my favorites, my bike my old Jenga game, strange but one of my favorites, something special from my Grandaddy, the clef in my chin that looks just like my Daddy's. on and on. So many of my favorite things, aren't things at all, just memories, thoughts, loves. Things i could share or keep to myself.

But if i keep them to myself, no one will know or remember my favorite things and quite possibly me.

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Jenn said...

I love these thoughts! And I love that you have a brother too! ;) A dynamic I'll never of siblings!