Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Yellow Jackets-2, Humans-0

Its been attack of the stinging things at the Martin house lately! A few weeks ago I was stung by a yellow jacket, huuurrrrtttt. I still have a hole in my leg from the little bugger. Friday I was munched on my a horse fly, tore another hole in my leg. That bite has made a really nice large pustule. Sunday, Jeremy was stung by a bee while laying in the pool minding his own business and today he was stung by the very yellow jackets we thought we had eradicated a few weeks ago. And I'm not even mentioning the hundreds on mosquito bites I have suffered even with layers of OFF sprayed on every time I go out the door. I guess I am going to have to start wearing a bee keepers outfit all the time, which will look awfully funny while floating in the pool!

The evil yellow jacket insurgents have a large hole in the front yard. J sprayed half a can of Super Wasp Killer into the hole yesterday, so far no more have been seen. But that's what we thought last time. Apparently these suckers are have chemical suits and gas masks because they just wont die! Short of pouring gas (Father-In-Laws suggestion) into the hole and lighting the fumes (and setting the front yard on fire) I don't know how to get rid of these things. They bite and sting and keep coming back for more. I have seen these bugs gnaw on a chicken bone, evil little carnivorous insects.

The best suggestion I have heard, for not getting stung, is to stay inside. Which is fine and dandy but it hasn't been the usual 100 degree Alabama summer heat lately and I have things I want to do outside, like cut the grass and get the mail. However, the Alabama heat is about to get back to normal, so I will be spending more time in the house or pool. Although the pool isn't 100% safe either, I refer to the bee sting from above, and the insects and birds think the pool is a giant water dish, a chlorinated water dish but with no rain lately that works for them.

We have had a bunch of Dragon Flys around lately and they are so pretty. this year we have a red one, which is really cool, I've never seen a red one. It actually looks like a tiny dragon zooming around eating mosquito's and other buggy things that fly around. That's it!! I need a whole arsenal of Dragon Flys to take care of the stinging things!! But do they eat yellow jackets? or would a new evil, beautiful, huge purple people eating insect be spawned?

Time to get some more OFF!

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Barb said...

OUCH!!!! That would be a run to the ER for me!